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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vampirella / Vampi-Daughter sketch card commission

Last Of my recent commissions was this one. I called it Vampi-daughter. A client who wishes to remain nameless has a dughter who loves Vampirella. So he decided to have me draw his daughter as Vampirella. Which is all fine & good, but I had somewhat of a dilemma. What's the first thing you think about when you imagine Vampirella.....the costume right? Here's a pic so you get the idea.

It would seem a bit strange to me, to clothe a young child in this manner. Although the style that this drawing was done in is very cartooney, I'm still basing on a real person, who happens to be a it felt weird. None the less it still needed to be done, so I had to find a way around it. After a few thumbnails done in pencil we went back & forth until we decided on a caricature & pose. This is how it turned out. The client loved it & he even had me design their family christmas card. I'll post that one later. Done in watercolor & marker.

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