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Monday, May 31, 2010

" Humility " part one

My first attempt at acrylic painting, progress - entitled " Humility"
16x20 Acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Tree of Vision

BACKSTORY:This species, although appearing like a large globular tree, covered with flesh & orifices is a global killer. Wherever this species is encountered, it is found in abundance much like a weed, and all other organic life is absent. Rather than a plant, It is more like a super evolved, predatory tube worm. An animal with almost no cerebral capacity, but more of an instinct to eat & survive, much like that of a carnivorous plant, IE. the venus fly trap. The flesh-like bark, teeth and eyes, are all clever deceptions. After extensive research of the animal, we have found that the eyes of the creature are like a fruit. Beginning very small & white, but when fully ripened & ready to fall of the branch, it resembles a fully colored human eyeball. The Fruit of this tree is not nourishing however, but deadly. Extremely toxic & has a 100% mortality rate within 13 minutes. What sets this animal apart from others is that the fruit not only contains toxins, but also enzymes, which the plant uses to break down & liquify all organic matter of the organism which had consumed it. After death the carcass is turned into liquid & absorbed into the soil for nourishment, feeding the tree of vision. Like a tree, each of the eyeball-like fruit contains a seed, or in this case an egg. The organic matter that is broken down by the enzymes is also used to nourish & fertilize the egg for procreation. Recent in depth surveys of planets which these trees inhabit have shown some very strange an disturbing facts. The first is that when root excavation was attempted, we learned that the base of the roots were extremely hard to get to due to large calcium deposits ( presumably from their victims) that had encased the root bases. After much hard work & millions of dollars spent we learned that the entire root system of these organisms were connected proving the fact that it was one large organism that inhabited the planet, rather than several. One other disturbing fact is that primitive written documentation has been found on several planets where this organism inhabits, showing that all intelligent life had gone extinct when long term cohabitation is required. It is thought that these tree like animals were worshipped by primitive peoples & therefore caused their deaths by consumption. The strangest thing, was that all of the aboriginal scrolls & writings from all the different planets ( which were light years apart) were gathered up & compared. It was determined that all of the extinct tribes had referred to the organisms as " The Tree of Vision". This Phenomenon can not be explained, other than the fact, that the tree of vision, may be more intelligent than previously anticipated. Further research is required.

WARNING: Possession of this species is Punishable by death. The introduction of this life form, into any ecosystem could cause global extinction.

You Little Devil!

Here is another sketch that I did at work again......( its kind of a shame that I cant find a job as a full time illustrator, because I do just as many illustrations as I do sales, except drawing is way more fun!!!!!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fighting Fish!

Just a Sketch of a Fighting fish I did......gonna add a couple of details to him & some color. will post it later!