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Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Feeding Time" War of the Worlds Sketch card For Cult Stuff

Hello all, Back to War of The Worlds sketch cards for Cult Stuff. Here we Have a Martian creature ( still Kind of cute in my opinion) getting ready to feed. I focused less on colors here & more in the subtle details & inking. Done with Copic Markers & multiliners. This is based off of the Novel by H.G. Wells.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BombShells Sketch Card for Bad Axe studios

Yet another Bombshells Sketch card for Bad Axe studio's Women of War set. Her facial features came out a little stronger than I'd hoped...but I kinda like it. Done with Copic Markers and...well.... thats it, Hump Day. Working On Civil War Cards Now....Later.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

War of The Worlds Sketch Card for Cult Stuff

Another one of my War of the worlds sketch cards for Cult Stuff - Coming soon! here we have another scenic card, that was created using copic markers & a gel pen, I think I used my brush pen a bit as well. I wanted it to be kind of peaceful & serene, yet menacing at the same time. Used a lot of muted colors like cool greys, dim greens, & some light blues. pretty much handled a lot of the tones in greys & spot colored & blended afterward with color.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Walking Dead The Comic book sketch card sample

Hello all, This is the set I've been waiting to show, but since I signed a confidentiality agreement, I was not allowed to show or talk about my work on the set. Since the company previewed one of my cards on their site I'm now allowed to show that same card as well. I'm doing 80+ cards for Robert Kirkmans " The Walking Dead the comic Book 2" being handled & distributed by Cryptozoic Ent. & Skybound .

This was a super fun set to work on. There is no release date as of yet, but I will be able to show more work within 30 days of its release. Here is one of My "Glenn" Cards.

You can see my card, along with a list of other artists card samples on the Cryptozoic website. There are new artists being added all the time so you will se many different styles.

I also did some progression pieces that I will be able to post once I'm allowed to show more.

Friday, February 22, 2013

" Druid Warrior" BombShells: Women Of War Sketch card for Bad Axe Studios

Well....Its friday... Here is another Bombshells sketch card for the Women of War set being released by Bad Axe studios. I Have a few Returns & AP's are on their way if anyone is interested in a commission.

( return cards are card blanks from the official set that can be commissioned & must be approved by the company prior to final sale, AP cards , or artist proof cards, are pretty much the same except they are specifically printed for the artists on the set, identified by the "AP" marking on the card. AP cards are more rare & can only be obtained from the artist so therefore they are a bit more costly.)

This was done in the usual, Copic markers & a bit of gel pen....

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

War Of the Worlds sketch card for Cult Stuff!

What's this? Could it be? Another Tripod sketch card for the War of The Worlds non-sports trading card Set I'm working on for Cult Stuff? Yup.

This one I did in a sepia tone, inked sepia colored micron, colored with copics & used a little white acrylic paint here and there. Looking at it now, I suppose it could've benefitted from a little black...but hey...there's always next time. I've finished about half of my next 20, all are inked & I'm hoping to have them all finalized by today!

Hang in there, almost friday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Upcoming Sets

I'm Happy to announce that I was lucky enough to be included in the upcoming set " Once Bitten: Art of the Vampiress" Being put on by Asylum studios and being released in August.

I've also been invited to do 25 cards for John Michael Linsner's set " Dawn: New Horizons" being released by Breygent Marketing.

And I'm also going to be working on the " The American Civil War" Set & and "Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" Set. Both are being put out by Cult Stuff.

There's also one more set that I would like to mention, but because of a confidentiality agreement I can't really mention it until they stay tuned.

Oh, and for those who don't follow trading cards, sketch cards are original pieces of 2.5 x3.5 artworks that are randomly inserted into packs of printed trading cards, which are used as an incentive for people or dealers to buy them. These cards can cost anywhere from 20-200 Dollars a pop, so if your lucky you can grab one for the price of a single pack of cards and either collect them or sell them.

Battle Maiden Sketch card for Bad Axe studio's Women of War set

Ok...another Bombshells card for the Women of War set by Bad Axe studios. Not a whole lot to say here...just another sexy chick with a big sword...LOL. done with copic markers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Heat Ray"Another Tripod sketch card for cult stuff's War of the world set

Back to war of the worlds. Here's another sketch card done for their War of the Worlds set, inspired directly from the novel by H.G. Wells. The instructions I was given was not to reference any other licensed material, only the novel which is why you won't see me drawing any flying ships....or aliens with glowing multicolor lights for faces. Honestly, I have know Idea why they chose to go with that concept for the aliens when the description in the book was so much more cool. Maybe they felt the public is akin to animals in the fact that if you shine enough glowing lights in their faces it will distract them from everything else.

Anyhoo, in this sketch card we have another tripod, all shiny & new, but you will also notice he's holding a box for his heat ray, rather than an antennae. this was a major difference in the book. The tripods held a very primitive looking box that shot out the heat ray rather than any sophisticated laser, which makes sense seeing as they had to build all of their equipment once they arrived on the planet, so speed & functionality would be key, rather than aesthetics. This is another stylized depiction of the heat ray, which in the book was invisible, but I wanted to see what it would look like with some microwaves coming out, done with copic markers.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

"Martian"War of the worlds Sketch card for cult stuff

Alright....on to some more War of the worlds! this is another sketch card done for cult stuff, In the U.K. that is going to be included in their upcoming war of the worlds trading card set. There are some really awesome artists on this set, so get your hands on a pack if you can!

This is a depiction of one of the martians as described in the novel by H.G. Wells. This guy & a few of my other martians came out a bit cuter than I would've liked. I was trying to go for that innocent look that some wild animals have even though they are extremely dangerous, but in the end I think Mean an scary would have been more appealing. That is what I will focus on for my next 20 cards.

I was scheduled to only do twenty, but one of the artists dropped out, so I have to put a rush on 20 more...but I will make sure I spend plenty of time on each card to allow for adequate quality. I just thought this was a really fun set to work on. Done with copic markers.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bombshells:women of war sketch card

Here's another Bombshells card for the women of war set for bad axe studios....don't really like this one, because her boobs are lopsided! LOL. but part of being an artist is recognizing your faults & dealing with's lesson is symmetry . LOL. I think I rushed a few of these cards because I was taken on at the last moment when one of the artists dropped out, and they needed them in ASAP, but that is no excuse. Another lesson I learned was try not to sacrifice quality for speed. If you take your time, your going to produce better results.

It is always good to be proud of your works, but don't forget to analyze your work & if you know somethings not right then go ahead & comment on it, people will respect you for it. I'm always am proud of my pieces when I first do them....for like 5 minutes. There are literally very few pieces that I don't hate after looking at them for a while.....pretty much everything I do I see flaws.....but that's ok, its good to be your own worst critic. Anyways, this was done with copic markers & a bit of colored pencil.

Happy Valentines Day, because your all good enough to eat!

Happy V-day y'all......Thats go consume..LOL

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Whats That Floating In the Water" War of The Worlds Sketch Card for Cult Stuff

Hello there, another War of The Worlds sketch card for Cult Stuff, over in the U.K. This is a trading card set based on the short novel my H.G. Wells. In this sketch card I took a more scenic approach. In the book they mentioned a few times some type of red matter that would be found floating down the river, & this was shortly after the military had dispatched one of the goliath tripods. I also decided to illustrate the fast growing "Red Weed" beginning to overtake the Landscape, especially quick around water. This was done in Copic markers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bombshells Women Of War Sketch card the bombshells set is out & I've received approval to show the rest of the 25 sketch cards I did for bad axe studios.I usually like to show these cards in lumps, but in order to prolong it & keep some of the surprise there for the collectors, I'll post them one at a time, until I get bored. I'll be alternating these with my war of the worlds cards.

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Trees Ablaze" War of the Worlds sketch card for cult stuff

Hello there! Today we have another one of my war of the worlds sketch cards for cult stuff, over in the U.K. This particular scene is in reference to the part of the story when the cannons were hiding amidst the tress after dispatching one of the tripods. The tripods began to hurl the black smoke & set fire to all the growth in order to snuff out the hiding artillery men. done with copic markers.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Superman Sketch card process pics

Superman process pics.

1) pencils

2) Pre-inks

3)skin tones in watercolor, also started the suit

4)blue's in his suit, done in watercolor.

5)reds & yellows done in marker & watercolor.

6) background, wet on wet, done in watercolor.

7) final details - re-ink with the brush pen adding black where it doesn't seem to be dark enough, highlights with gel-pen & final background details.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Steampunk Tripod" War if The Worlds Sketch card for Cult stuff

Another War of the worlds sketch card done for cult stuff, over in the U.k. Thought it would be fun to take a more stylistic approach to the tripod & add a steam punk element to it. I know in the book it stated that in the alien technology, no circles or cylinders were found which would mean no gears. I still thought it would look cool, so here she is. A steam punk tripod collecting people at night. Done with copic markers & multiliners.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Supergirl sketch card process pics

ok...if you guys looked at any of my other posts you basically get the idea, so I'll keep the explanation short.

1) pencils

2) Pre-inks

3)skin tones in watercolor

4)blue's in her suit, done in watercolor.

5)reds & yellows done in marker & watercolor.

6) background, wet on wet, done in watercolor.

7) final details - re-ink with the brush pen adding black where it doesn't seem to be dark enough, highlights with gel-pen & final background details.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Collecting Food" War of the worlds sketch card for cult stuff

Ok..back to some war of the worlds goodness. Another sketch card from my work on the war of the worlds trading card set for cult stuff over in the U.K. Good news, I have already done about 20 cards & they signed me up for another more tripods..aliens....& chaos. I had some cool ideas for other cards but ran out of cards. This card features a tri-pod collecting people for food. Decided to keep the background simple to focus on the people and since the book mentioned red skyes, I figures why not. Plus there's always at least one card that has a red background in my sets....always. done with copic markers & multiliners.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Poison Ivy sketch card process pics

Mornin....Another step by step card of Poison Ivy
Card 1) Pencils...start off with a really light pencil, then refine with the mechanical.

Card 2) pre-inking done with a .1 liner.

card 3)added the skin tones with watercolors. I added a bit of green in there, because I wanted her skin to have a greenish tint.

Card 4)went to work on her leaf garment with the copics, and darkened up some of the shading on the face.

Card 5) got all that red hair done with the copic markers.

Card 6)started laying in the background using the wet on wet technique again. laid some yellows into green. Gave myself plenty of room around the figure itself, to make sure the green didn't bleed into the hair. I knew I was going to re-ink & add a white border so the space was fine.

Card 7) Last card....Darkened up all of the inks with my brush pen, also added some additional ink to the entire picture, as I saw fit. also added some background texture with markers & finished up the border with my white gel pen.

There you have it. Have a good one.

Friday, February 1, 2013

"It Came from the Cylinder" - war of the worlds sketch card for cult stuff

Here's another of my "war of the Worlds " sketch cards being put out by Cult Stuff over in the U.K. I have to admit...I had a ton of fun working on this set. you had a certain level of freedom to do what you want, as long as you new the literature, you were fine. I wish I could have done more, however people who wanted me on sets kept promising me work & never came I got screwed. Watcha gonna do?

This card was inspired by the part of the novel when the first martian cylinder opened & the protagonist saw the creatures eyes glaring at him. Done with copic markers & multi-liners.

Happy Friday!