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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Joker Sketch card process pics

Mornin....I guess I'm going to alternate between process pics & war of the worlds just to break it without further or's a little joker action. I did this card primarily with markers, just a bit of watercolor here an there for the coat.

Card 1) The first step is rough pencil shapes in a very light pencil,( 2h/3h/4h) and I have excluded this step. The next step is to go over it with detail using a mechanical pencil & you can see where I was debating to put the pupil in his eyes or not. I was thinking about doing that mad hatter look.

Card 2) In this stage I do the pre-Inking with a .1 or .3 liner. You have to consider what medium your using, so that the coloring stage doesn't make this ink bleed. For instance, watercolors will not make most inks bleed..however alcohol based markers such as copics, or prisma's will, so you'll have to use special liners or carbon ink in order to prevent that. Also one more tip...ERASE very well if using markers...because once you lay the marker down, the pencil will not come off....with watercolors your fine. I used copic Multiliners for this stage.

card 3)Here I just touched his face & hair with some marker.

Card 4)On this one I watercolored the coat with some basic purples & added the pinstripes with a marker. I also added some darker greens to the hair.

Card 5) Here I pretty much finished everything off, suit vest, flower, & face. I also added a thicker line around the outside with a .5 liner before I decided to paint the background black. But it wasn't a total waste because I could then color the whole background black very quickly without having to worry about getting too close to the actual edges of the joker. I also used my brush pen to add some darker lines to the figure itself.

Card 6)This one is fairly background. Thats it.

Card 7) Last card....all the white highlights with my white gel pen & then the writing on the wall in the back. At first I used a red gel pen for this & the black just bled through. it left a very dark red on there but wasn't visible. I ended up going over it with a red prisma pencil & then found some acrylic pigmented ink that I highlighted certain parts of the letters & it gave it a somewhat natural look.


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