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Monday, January 28, 2013

Catwomen Sketch card Process Pics/Tutorial

Hello all, hope everyones morning went ok. Today I'm going to begin posting a progression of some of my DC commissioned sketchcards that I had recently posted. The client asked me to catalog progress pics of a few of the characters & I figured, " hey, Might as well do it for all of them". These progression pics are a little all over the place since I had to focus on time saving, so if I did the skin tone for one card, I did the skin tones for all so I didn't have to mix the colors again etc...

Card 1) Typically you'll see a stage before this one with basic shapes, or silhouettes, just to get an idea of where I want to go. I'll usually use a very light pencil (2h/3h/4h)to block everything in, then I go over it with detail using a mechanical pencil (no particular brand, just whatevers layin around)which is what you see here. I actually had started to draw the newer costume catwoman & the client asked me to go with this style instead.

Card 2) In this stage I do the pre-Inking. You have to consider what medium your using, so that the coloring stage doesn't make this ink bleed. For instance, watercolors will not make most inks bleed..however alcohol based markers such as copics, or prisma's will, so you'll have to use special liners or carbon ink in order to prevent that. Also one more tip...ERASE very well if using markers...because once you lay the marker down, the pencil will not come off....with watercolors your fine.

card 3)Started with the skin tone in watercolor...not much else here. You can see that I got a bit sloppy but thats ok...watercolor is fairly forgiving, the use of a little water will lift off most of the color.

Card 4)Started inking the suit with copics. I like to use a dark blue as an undertone to black so thats what I did here, not really caring about the stitches, because we'll highlight those at the end.

Card 5) Jumped quite ahead here, added the blacks, with my copic sketch brush tip. Also added the lip color & the yellow around the eye sockets.The last thing you'll notice is that I've decided the background color would be a pinkish red color, so I started to add some of those colors to the outer edges of the suit to show reflections of the background.

Card 6) I really piled on the watercolors for the background. used a wet on wet technique with doc martens watercolors in order to get that bleed effect. I wanted you to be able to tell that it was watercolor. ( wet on wet is when you lay down a very watery color, or just water & drop in dabs of another color. Warning paper will bow)

Card 7) Last card is all the bells & whistles. I will take my brush pen, or a thicker marker and re-ink my outlines so we have a nice thick edge & not a bumpy look. I used textured watercolor paper for this project & it is a pain to draw on with a pen, so I decided to use a brush to do the re-inking in order to smooth the initial inks out. After that we use a white gel pen to add the stitching back in and additional highlights. I also used the gel pen to correct the bleed I got in the moon & add in all the stars. Lastly I did a white outline around her in order to separate her from the background, since she is dark and so is the background.

That's is that. Hope this helps anyone out there, If it does, then I will post more process posts on some of my future projects.

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