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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Ritual

I forgot to post this little number when I was posting the rest of my Sketch cards for breygent marketing's "worlds of fantasy" set. So here she is. This was my base card (or printed trading card) to be part of the normal set. This card was actually converted to a 3d lenticular card, which turned out pretty cool, but it scans horribly, so I've decided to post the normal version.3d Lenticular in case you don't know ( I had to look it up) is like those old hologram stickers or trading cards, that look like certain parts of the picture has been pushed back.

For this set, although it was relatively open ended, we did have a few guidelines to follow & witches were one of the subjects listed. So this is my version of a witch. Instead of having a broom wielding dark vixen, I decided to have a more realistic approach. real witches perform rituals, chanting & blood sacrifices to the energies they wish to thats what I was going for...but I had to keep her sexy, because that's typically what's desired for projects like these. Was thinking of submitting this one to a contest, but wasn't sure.

Created in photoshop 7

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