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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Harley Quinn Sketch card process pics

Morning Everyone! Alright this will be much the same as yesterdays, but people seem to be taking interest, so I'll do a few more & then I'll start posting some of my most recent project work, which is for a war of the worlds sketch card set for cult stuff over in the U.K. Today we have Harley, which is one of the more favored cards I did from this set

Card 1) The first step is rough pencil shapes in a very light pencil,( 2h/3h/4h) and I have excluded this step. The next step is to go over it with detail using a mechanical pencil (no particular brand, just whatevers layin around)which is what you see here. Was debating between a gun & a Hammer, but the gun just seemed to fit better.

Card 2) In this stage I do the pre-Inking. You have to consider what medium your using, so that the coloring stage doesn't make this ink bleed. For instance, watercolors will not make most inks bleed..however alcohol based markers such as copics, or prisma's will, so you'll have to use special liners or carbon ink in order to prevent that. Also one more tip...ERASE very well if using markers...because once you lay the marker down, the pencil will not come off....with watercolors your fine. I used copic Multiliners for this stage.

card 3)Started with the Getting all the colors in with watercolor & bit of marker. The hardest thing for me about watercolor is patience. you have to wait for one layer to dry before you start laying darker tones in. If you don't wait then the color gets muddy & you overwork the paper, so I'll usually work on another part of the card while one section dries. You can see I did the gun in gray marker tones while one of the other parts was drying. Typically I use dark blues as an undertone for gun metal, I didn't want it to blend in with her costume too much, since I used the dark blue there already.

Card 4)doesn't look like I did much here...actually, I think its Identical to the last card....the reason for this is because I did more work on the other cards & since I was scanning them all in at once instead of individually I scanned this one as yeah, basically I did nothing here.

Card 5) On this card, although I only did a few things here, it really starts making the card come together. I colored up the gun with copics, added lipstick with copics & added the yellow in her teeth and eyes also with marker, added some cool grays to her costume. The reds in her costume weren't coming out saturated enough so I went over the watercolor with a lipstick red marker

Card 6)Background watercolors applied here. Used a wet on wet technique with doc martens watercolors in order to get that bleed effect. I wanted you to be able to tell that it was watercolor. ( wet on wet is when you lay down a very watery color, or just water & drop in dabs of another color. Warning paper will bow)I chose these yellows red and browns for the background, which in hind site, I wish I had used cool colors to make the character pop a bit more. I chose various splattering methods to associate the character with chaos.

Card 7) Last card is all the bells & whistles. I will take my brush pen, or a thicker marker and re-ink my outlines so we have a nice thick edge & not a bumpy look. I used textured watercolor paper for this project & it is a pain to draw on with a pen, so I decided to use a brush to do the re-inking in order to smooth the initial inks out. After that we use a white gel pen to add the stitching back in and additional highlights. Since the colors of this characters costume are so closely related to the background colors on the color wheel, it was very Important to have a nice dark outline accompanied with a very clear white outline...otherwise she would've just blended right in.

So there's My Harley....Cheers

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