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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Walking Dead 109 Sketch Cover Commission

Here's one of the walking dead #109 comic covers that I drew. The client wanted me to zombify his daughter ( but not too much..LOL) who is the main character, and to put sophia and Penny on either side of her. really had a rough time finding a decent picture of the governors daughter ( penny). So you make due with what you got, but again, I would have gone with a better pic if I could find one.

( In case you don't know what a sketch cover is, They are actual comic books that are printed on a limited run, with blank untreated covers which are called "Blank Variant Covers. This allows an artists to do what they do, and that way you have a comic book, with original artwork on it. Kind of cool. Of course, directly behind the blank cover, you have the artwork that was used in the comic.)

This cover is going to be signed at comicon by the young ladies who play the roles of sophia and penny on the AMC hit show.

I have to comment on the quality of the stock on these covers, as it was EXCELLENT. Nice blends, very little bleed, fun to work with.

Did this one with copic markers & some spot treatments with color pencils. also used some acrylic inks for the splatters on the front and back of the cover.

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