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Thursday, May 9, 2013

"The Black Smoke Canon" War of The Worlds Sketch Card for Cult Stuff.

Another War of the worlds Sketch card for Cult Stuff's Upcoming trading card set. This one is featuring another variation on a tripod holding a large canon like instrument used for shooting the black poisonous smoke projectiles. In the book it described the weapons that were used by the martian tripods as boxes and in this case tubes. Seeing as the tripods were built on the spot in a relatively short timeframe it would be understandable that the machinery would all be fairly rudimentary & simple, yet functional. It would also be conceivable that since these machines were all large lumbering megaliths, that to the observer who was fleeing for their lives all the details of the objects would be lost & hard to decipher at greater distances. Sooooo I wanted to make it all a little more fun & add all the things that may have been lost in translation....after all, you know what they say about the devil & details.

2.5x3.5 inch - copic markers.

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