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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Walking Dead The Comic Book Audition Sketch Cards, Rick & Tyreese

Its almost Time, "The walking Dead Comic Book 2" trading card set is coming out in a few its time to start showing them off! I'm going to start off by posting a few of my audition sketch cards. Yes....every artist had to submit 4 audition sketch cards in order to be qualified to work on the set.The cards were then approved by the art directors at which point you were sent the rest of the cards.

Here are two of mine, Rick & Tyreese I think the Tyreese card is one of my favorites from the set. For that card I chose to do the seen where he had been locked in the gym of the prison and everyone had given him up for dead, but when they returned he was standing around in a pile of bodies because he had killed every single walker in there. That was the moment in the comic when I realized tyreese was truly a badass thus becoming one of my favorite characters.

I had a ton of fun working on the set, by far one of the best to work on. I did a total of 80+ cards. These two were done with the usual copic markers also added some splattering with acrylic. In my opinion, the audition cards weren't that great, the cards definitely got better as I went a long & loosened up.....But I do love the Tyreese one....wish I could get that one back! I'll be receiving 9 Artist proof blanks for commissions, two of which are spoken for.

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