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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shane sketch cards for The Walking Dead The Comic trading card set

Here's a couple of sketch cards that I did for The a Walking Dead The Comic Trading card set of Shane. One is of him getting shot, the other is when Rick returned to put him out of his misery, when he found out that everyone turns regardless of being bit.

I really loved Shane's role in the comics much more than the show... Even though it was shorter... I won't ruin it for you, but the incidents with Shane in the comics added a huge amount of weight to the story early on. Without having to listen to him whine & moan about lorie for half a season, as well as continually ruining things for the whole group... Basically you achieved pretty much the same ideas and contempt for Shane in the comic as you did in the show, but in much less time.. But there were also added incidents that defined carl as a character. So to sum it up... Screw Shane... Lol.

Anyway... Enough ranting, this was done in copic markers and acrylic inks.

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