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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Personal sketch card commission - Wonder Woman, wondergirl,robin, plastic man, huntress, fire, blue beetle, black canary, batman, & aquaman

Wonder Woman



Plastic man



Blue beetle

Black canary



Thought I would take a break from posting official set work to post some of my personal sketch card work that I did for a recent commission. These 10 cards were created using copic markers & watercolors, as well as some acrylic paint for highlights. The client requested the characters be loosely based off of the show batman : brave & the bold. I think my favorites are aquaman & black canary. I don't often use watercolors because it takes a lot longer, but I love the cloudy transitions created by the wet on wet application, as well as the vivid saturation of the pigments.

This cute & creepy style was requested by the client which is fun to do, sometimes its good to take a break & mix up the styles... Keeps everything from becoming stagnant.

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