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Friday, September 6, 2013

GABRIEL & ROSITA sketchcards for "The Walking Dead The Comic Book" Trading card set

GABRIEL STOKES - The asshole priest, who holed up in his church and left his people outside for dead.

ROSITA ESPINOSA -Poor Rosita. Abraham dumped you and now you don't seem to be doing anything at all....LOL

ok, so here's a couple of random characters from the walking dead the comic book trading card set that I contributed. I gave a little description below each character. These are the characters that no one really cares about..LOL. "so why did i draw them " you ask? well you can only draw so many Ricks, michonnes, abrahams, & tyreeses before you start to lose your shit!

anyway, if you havent read the comic, you dont know who these guys are. But they may be introduced on the show in the future.

Copic Markers & a Gel Pen.

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