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Friday, September 13, 2013

Angel - Contemporary Pinups Puzzle Jam Card - NSFW

I dont do many boobey cards, but here is a set i completed recently because I enjoy working with the company who produces the set. They pay well, on time & have great communication.

This artwork is for a set called "Contemporary Pinups Puzzle Jam". this set has released and sold out a while ago. The object of this set was to get two pieces of artwork from two different artists that go together like a puzzle. what the artists were told to do was draw one half of the oversized cards, then send them to another predetermined artist who would then finish the other half of the card. The completed cards were then shipped back to the art director and they were cut & inserted into packs for purchase.

In this case I was paired up with an artists named steve lydic.

what you have here is one half of the card that I completed prior to being sent to the other artist.

Copic Markers.

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