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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Jackal Goblin

The Jackal Goblin is one of the most feared predators known to all living things. Although Named after a jackal they are actually the evolutionary end result of cross breeding between a particular genus of goblin, and that of a baboon. The Joining of these two species resulted in the cunning & vileness of goblins with the agility & ability to reason from their simian side. You will only see the crown of bones protruding from the head of males in the species.

Although they are a relatively small creature (only a bit larger than that of a chimpanzee) it does not limit their ability to be one of the most dangerous and irritatingly difficult creatures you will ever face. The main difference you will notice from that of a regular goblin is their reluctance to face you head on in open battle, instead they resort to guerilla tactics ( hit, run, hide), very seldom leaving the security of the tree tops. Brandishing primitive bows with poison tipped arrows they can topple foes within seconds.

You will never find a Jackal Goblin alone unless sick or dying. These highly social creatures live in small pack communities within the trees, making them extremely lethal in larger groups. Often times you will hear the screams and yelps of warring packs above (usually over territory or prey). Although the sights and sounds of such battles can be terrifying, it is actually what keeps the jackal goblin populations at bay. Whole forests have been burned down, just do bring the creatures out in the open, in the hopes of exterminating them.

The most notable characteristic of the Jackal Goblins ( and where I suspect the name comes from) are the cackling cries made when agitated or excited. When these shrills of simulated laughter & panic fill the air, you best flee, unless you are prepared to lose a few men to the impending onslaught that approaches.

Yes, I made that up....Yes, Im a geek....No, I dont care.

So did I mentioned that I loved Tan toned paper?

5x7 Done with pencil, marker, ballpoint pen, gouache, and some colored pencil, on tan toned paper.

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