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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bombshells : Women of War Sketch card commission


Thought you could use a little boobage! lol.

This is a sketch card commission that I should've posted long ago, but Ive put off because ive had so many pics to post. Its an Artist Proof card that I had left over for the Bombshells : Women of War set by Axebone studios. I was commissioned to do a sexy warrior lady on it, so thats what I did. Also included some progress pics for you. Hope you don't mind the boobs, just doing what the client wanted.

I dont draw many nudes but i will occasionally. If you dont believe the saying " sex sells" heres a fun little experiment to try. Draw your favorite female character & put it on ebay. Then Draw the same character nude, I bet I know which one will sell first and for more money!

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