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Monday, March 4, 2013

Tripod Sketch Card for Cult Stuff's "War of The Worlds" set

Hello all, I figured I'd start monday off with another sketch card from Cult Stuff's War of the Worlds set, featuring a tripod disintegrating & blowing stuff up!Done with copic markers. Based on the novel by H.G. Wells, although this one deviated a bit because the machine isn't holding the heat ray, its just emitting it from under its hood. I chose to illustrate it this way because I like to visualize the same thing in many different ways. Sometimes this is my Downfall, because when somebody gives me a general description my mind can run wild with a 100 different ways to draw something, that I tend to overanalyze & it may slow me down. I've always wanted to do conceptual work, that way I can just get out all of the different designs in my head & only render out the ones the client wants.

Anyway, On a side note, the Company Cult Stuff who I'm doing the cards for has decided to use my Steampunk tripod as artwork on one of their promo cards promoting their set.

Promotional trading cards are limited prints of cards usually distributed at a special event such as a convention, and this tends to be the only way to get them, that way the attendees have are the only ones allowed to get their hands on them, making them a bit more rare for collectors.

I was also notified that one of my cards was used in an add for the set in Non-sports update magazine(NSU) which is a publication dealing specifically with non sports trading cards.

I'll post both promotions when I have approval.

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