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Friday, February 27, 2009

HK 330x52 LUX

Just another day at the robot recycling plant. The HK 330x52 LUX model Is mainly for show, However functional, Its heavy duty plating has been replaced with antiqued plating, adorned with detailed scrollwork. The piping & fittings have been changed to brass & gold to reflect its owners wealth. Originally meant for interpretation & menial tasks , such as gardening, it was definitely not meant for acts of aggression, or home defense. As you can see a vacuum hose is attached to the torso of the robot, in order to remove the remaining fluids, in preparation for the chop down, which is going to remove any salvageable parts, especially the antiqued pieces, and return them to the owner. At least thats the way it should be, however, many "Bargain" recycling centers, will replace the expensive parts with clever duplicates for return to the owner & would sell the real parts on the black market.


Chris Silva said...

Man, that is sick. Awesome to see you are posting. I love the back story. Let's see more!

Anonymous said...

Please write more stories. I actually look forward to reading them! Oh, and nice artwork too!