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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BOOBIES!!!! Naughty nurses & civil servants trading card set work.

Here is a selection of my work on the "naughty nurses" trading card set by chad pops entertainment. 

I have APs available. I've decided to stop doing cheesecake sets such as these. At first it was interesting, drawing something different, but now the frequency in which they are being produced is ridiculous, the over saturation of the market has caused a steady decrease in deman of these types of this will be one of the last sets you will see from me, I have 3 other sets that I haven't posted that have already been released ( Mardi gras/ heavenly bodies/ pinups & pitbulls) & committed to doing one more which is due in a bit. 

I've realized I have to be more selective on the companies whom I work for, so I will be scaling back on sets & only doing work for those sets that I really enjoy.

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