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Monday, November 25, 2013

Long beach comicon was awesome!!!

So... Long beach comicon is finally over.... It was great. Had a lot of people stop by & say hello... Met new people & great artists... I learned ALOT. I have to say thanks to my beautiful wife, without her none of this would be possible... And it doesn't hurt to have a pretty face sitting next to you.. Lol. Can't wait until the next one!
The set up.

Dope cosplay

My boy lak lim doin his thing

I traded some art with my buddy Chris Thorne !

Met Andrew Huerta, one of the art scenes best kep secrets... Super nice dude... And epic talent.

Another of my buddy Chris Thorne showin off some recently completed work!

The man himself mike Vasquez sporting some epic beard!

Some slaps I did for my instagram buds 

More cosplay
Oh yeah... Did I mention cosplay?
Thor sporting a dsilva designs sticker!
A couple of slaps for my buddy's kids
Some DOOOOPE cosplay
Some ash for yo ass!

Another satisfied customer
Little sister cosplay
Belle cosplay
Bane cosplay! 
Some dope facepaint!
Johnny as the joker!
Vader was seen skulking around the floor
The con floor and Tim photo bombing ! Lol
Another shot of the floor

Some artwork that was purchased!
Some one snapped a pic of me sketchin out!

And me... Doodling..

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