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Monday, August 12, 2013

Artwork for the " Civil War Chronicles" trading card set.

Colonel John S. Green - confederacy

General Ambrose E. Burnside - Union

Well since my cards were approved for this trading card set, figured I might as well show them off. So heres some cards I did for the Civil War Chronicles by Cult Stuff. I know, not the most exciting set, but I wanted to be able to add to my portfolio some very stylized portrait work...

Some of these Individuals I chose because of their fame/infamy...others i chose simply by the epicness of their facial hair.

On these cards in particular I used my airbrush to lay down that aged yellow look on the cards as a base, after that I drew the characters, and finally I splattered darker version of the background color in order to further add aged elements to the cards.

copics, watercolor & gel pen.

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