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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fantasy Sketch cards Bloody Vamp

Hello everyone, Sorry that I've been MIA for a while. I've actually been drawing, its just that I can't release the images until the card company says so.

I've recently completed a set of 40 sketch cards for a fantasy set. The set will be released all over, but primarily in the U.K. as that is where the card company is based. I've just been given permission to show these so that is what I will be posting for the next few weeks.

( For those of you who aren't familiar with sketch cards they are miniature 2.5x3.5 original artworks, created to be inserted in packs of trading cards as an incentive, or a special prize for collectors. The quantities of these sketch cards are limited so they are rare and are often sought after by art collectors & trading card collectors alike. If you remember back in the day of baseball cards, they would sometimes put a prize in the packs. The prizes would vary Maybe it was a sticker, or a foil card, or even a 3d card, and this is along the same lines, however they are more unique and rare because they are originals done by several artists specifically for the set.)

I have to warn you, this isn't the best work I've done due to the card stock that was used for the set. The stock itself was very nice looking, but the surface was very waxy & it was akin to drawing on wax paper or transparency sheets. My markers ( copics) would just puddle up on the surface & my inking pens would take FOREVER to dry. The card company ( Unstoppable Cards)was very understanding & let me know in advance that the stock would be a challenge. So what can you do, just roll with the punches.

I'll be posting the individuals that I liked the best, and at the end I'll post the full sheets so that way they'll all be here. I just didn't want to post every single card individually, but if anyone would like to see one in particular just email or comment. So without further ado here is my bloody vamp.

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