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Monday, February 4, 2013

Poison Ivy sketch card process pics

Mornin....Another step by step card of Poison Ivy
Card 1) Pencils...start off with a really light pencil, then refine with the mechanical.

Card 2) pre-inking done with a .1 liner.

card 3)added the skin tones with watercolors. I added a bit of green in there, because I wanted her skin to have a greenish tint.

Card 4)went to work on her leaf garment with the copics, and darkened up some of the shading on the face.

Card 5) got all that red hair done with the copic markers.

Card 6)started laying in the background using the wet on wet technique again. laid some yellows into green. Gave myself plenty of room around the figure itself, to make sure the green didn't bleed into the hair. I knew I was going to re-ink & add a white border so the space was fine.

Card 7) Last card....Darkened up all of the inks with my brush pen, also added some additional ink to the entire picture, as I saw fit. also added some background texture with markers & finished up the border with my white gel pen.

There you have it. Have a good one.

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