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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bombshells:women of war sketch card

Here's another Bombshells card for the women of war set for bad axe studios....don't really like this one, because her boobs are lopsided! LOL. but part of being an artist is recognizing your faults & dealing with's lesson is symmetry . LOL. I think I rushed a few of these cards because I was taken on at the last moment when one of the artists dropped out, and they needed them in ASAP, but that is no excuse. Another lesson I learned was try not to sacrifice quality for speed. If you take your time, your going to produce better results.

It is always good to be proud of your works, but don't forget to analyze your work & if you know somethings not right then go ahead & comment on it, people will respect you for it. I'm always am proud of my pieces when I first do them....for like 5 minutes. There are literally very few pieces that I don't hate after looking at them for a while.....pretty much everything I do I see flaws.....but that's ok, its good to be your own worst critic. Anyways, this was done with copic markers & a bit of colored pencil.

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