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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Walking Dead Comic Book sketch card art Lori & the twins.

Yes... MORE walking dead the comic book sketch card art that I was contracted to do for the official trading card set.

The first card is Lori Grimes, I hated her in the comic, hated her even more in the show...what else can I say, but I did over 80 pieces, so I had to draw her a couple of times because she was a main figure.

The 2nd card is the twins - not main characters but I thought they were very integral to the development of carl as a character, and I was sad to see them omitted from the TV show. 

How carl took it upon himself to deal with the "evil twin" just solidified carls acceptance of the world he lived in & showed his lack of concern with taking a human life, when it came to survival. He did what he must, not because he wanted to, but for the good of the group, much like his father. 

This event also brought a shocking realization to rick as to what his son was becoming....

If you haven't read the comics, it's a must. There are scores of events left out of the show that develop the characters far beyond that of the tv adaptation. The events that are identical to the show tend to unfold in different ways so it's not boring to read, even if your a fan of the show. 

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