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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Headress" Bombshells Sketch Card for the Women of War Set.

Well, I still have a few more star wars pieces to post, but I'm kind of on star wars overload ( I know, I know, Sacrilege) and I figured "let's take a break". plus someone recommended that I take pictures of everything hung up, so I think I'll do that & post everything including the new ones in one big post. So its back to the bombshells pinups. This is my "Headress" card. its kind of a take on a shaman priestess. Its one of MY favorite cards, although since that is the case, then no one else will like it...LOL. Just seems to be the way it goes. This card is for the upcoming Bombshells: women of war, trading card set for Bad Axe studios, and was done in copic markers.


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Angela Taylor said...

I love it Danny!!! Star Wars is just to awesome! I say you create and post all the Star Wars works you want. :) *HUGS*