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Friday, April 26, 2013

DAWN : New Horizons sketch cards - Sir Mix A lot would be proud!

Well, I figured that I'll go ahead and start posting the sketch cards I recently did for Joseph Michael Linsner's DAWN:New horizons official trading card set, since they've already been displayed on facebook. However, I will be attaching some progress pics exclusively on my blog. This set is being done by Breygent marketing, to coincide with the release of Linsners new book. Linsner will also be doing some cards for the set I beleive.

Anyway...just another sexy girl set..LOL. From one to the next it seems. On these cards I used all types of mediums...copic markers, colored pencils, acrylic and even and airbrush a couple of times, until it clogged on me & I had to take it all apart for a thorough cleaning.... Hope you like 'em.

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