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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hell's Ventriloquist

I've been Posting A lot of marker sketches, so I thought I'd mix it up & post a pencil drawing I did, with a back story, That I call Hell's Ventriloquist. Its 8x10, pencil & colored pencil, that I scanned into illustrator & cleaned up for a tshirt design. It was inspired by a story I once was told, that was used to scare little children into behaving.
There was once a brilliant Ventriloquist in the 1800's named Compari. He was an amazing performer, who loved his art. The only thing Compari loved more ,was children, so he would fashion his dolls after the little children he entertained. You see, he was a very homely & shy man, and a very lonely one, who could never have children of his own. But when he performed, children would come from all around to see Compari & he couldn't be happier. As his success grew so did his notoriety, which brought more attention to the fact that wherever the ventriloquist went, child disappearances seemed to increase as well. When they finally had Compari hanged, they found the bodies of 66 children underneath the floorboards of his house, as well as 10-15 more in a ditch behind his home. All of them found with a rusty nail lodged into the temple of the tiny skulls. Compari never uttered a word to the authorities even when they snapped his neck.
The stories say that Compari still practices his art in hell. Whenever spoiled little boys & girls are awful to their parents & misbehave, Compari rises up from Hell & snatches there souls in the night. The little boys & girls are dragged down & trapped in the hollow bodies of The ventriloquists dolls. There they follow Compari's every order as he performs his nightly show to entertain the hordes in hell, for all of eternity.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh! I like the drawing and the story! It's awesome and creative!