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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Father

Had a very cool meeting with the executives of a store called geeky mamma's at their cerritos mall location. A really awesome store full of toys, collectables, artwork , but they also have a wide selection of handmade goods, which is really cool. What really sets them apart is that they also have a selection of things for women, Which is great by the way, because how many times have you been standing there drooling over toys, comics, video games, or artwork & you turn around & see your girl just giving you the look! I've been there too many times, but at geeky mammas she can kinda wander off in her own direction. I'm going to be doing some custom hand painted t-shirts & bags, such as the one shown here. Also, some custom chucks, photoprints & original paintings. I think the collaboration will be very fun! This location is still new, & so is the website but If you have a chance check it out @

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Anonymous said...

Please let us know when the shirts & shoes are available at the store!!!