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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Elenoque'she - The Demon Of Babylon

Otherwise known to his followers as the Chattering Lord. Worshipped by ancient sumerian tribes, This demon was a master manipulator. Coming to you in your dreams & showing you all of the wonderful things you could ever want in life. Those visited by him would note his presence by a strange hypnotic clicking sound in the background of your nocturnal splendor, and this sound was determined by his followers to be his rows of teeth chattering as he whispered in your ears.

These Heavenly dreams would enthrall his victims so much so that they only wished to sleep, slowly neglecting their health, appearance & earthly life. The end Result of these dreams would be the untimely demise of each and everyone of these poor souls, shortly after they had gone completely mad. These gaunt & zombielike victims would engage in unconscious acts of savagery & cannibalism before being restrained & sedated, at which point they're deteriorating health would claim their lives. The only glimpses into their strange mental dilapidation would be gathered through various mumbles & chattering from the afflicted, " IT'S EATING ME!!!", "Get away", & " NO!" were commonly heard amongst the screams of terror.

It is hypothesized that these lucid & wonderful dreams would slowly transform themselves into terror filled escapades of which there was no escape. Eventually the affect on ones subconscious would be too much to bear.

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