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Friday, February 24, 2012

Catch of the day

I had this idea in my head of a creature that was genetically created and bred to eradicate any rodent problems in a very short time.

 In the future as humans discover and annex new planets a great number were infested by pests.... some were indigenous & some brought over by colonist in early stages. In any event these pests have upset the balance of nature and a solution was created. Using the DNA of cats for their prowess & ability to be tamed, as well as the DNA of rabbits for their speed & breeding capabilities. Only a few of these creatures needed to be introduced & they would quickly outnumber any rodent in a matter of weeks. The entire population of  genetically enhanced subjects would be exterminated via internal implants once the rodent problem is solved.

  There was an incideent on one such planet, approximately three light years from our own galaxy ,where the species had been introduced and left unchecked. Once earth had lost communication with the colonists they sent out a search party to find nothing but corpses. According to colonist records the organisms had evolved at an alarming rate, both in appearance & brain capacity. Somehow do they figured out how to neutralize the termination implants. The species then overran  the planet ,  quickly depleting  the various food sources. Once this happened they turned on the colonist & Spread like a plague. The military would've sent a sweep crew in to eradicate the problem, but after further review of the colonists findings, it had turned out the planets ore supplies were surprisingly lower than previously thought. The operation was cancelled and deemed a waste of military resources. The species was then reengineered to limit the breeding capabilities in females. For centuries this planet was unchecked, and once surveilled by satellites it confirmed that the species left on the planet had evolved into the image you see before you. A more advanced, yet still primitive culture, starved from lack of food. It was further concluded that the creatures must have turned to cannibalism to survive. All probes sent down to the planet were lost.  This species is thought to be extremely hostile. Intelligence unknown.

8x10 - Created in photoshop.

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