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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Genetically altered bugs sketch - Carpenter Wasp

As a kid, I liked bugs, as do a lot of young boys, the only thing is I never grew out of it. When I was little, I used to keep a spider jar & catch every spider I could find. As I got older I still kept a spider jar, except now it was black widows. There was a time where I kept a black widow on my desk at work ( in a container of course), because I thought she was good luck. I found this adolescent widow in my bathroom & raised her until death. I believe that every creature has its place in nature, & even if I find a spider, or cricket, or a lizard then I make sure to catch them & put them outside. The reason I mention this is because it explains why I'm always sketching little bugs, real & made up. so here's a series of bug sketches & this one is called the Carpenter wasp.

The Carpenter Wasp- This guy is about the size of a squirrel & has been known to kill such creatures in self defense. His colors & markings resemble a wasp, but he's much larger & more aggressive. He has a cluster of eyes atop his head & two large feeler antennae. His Primary diet consists of termites. He uses those large jaws to rip into the dead wood of trees. His long snake like tongue is covered with an intense sticky fluid which he then uses to collect the termites. The carpenter wasp has been known to eat the flesh of larger prey in extreme situations & is equipped with a vary large & powerful stinger that is used to incapacitate its victims. These creatures will most likely make their nests in trees, often the vacant termite nests become resting spots or permanent homes.

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Anonymous said...

Cool drawing and I like that you included some educational information about it... I don't know much about bugs and usually run away when I see one, so I really enjoyed that part.